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moisurize water mesotherapy gun
moisurize water mesotherapy gun moisurize water mesotherapy gun moisurize water mesotherapy gun

korea technology water mesotherapy gun for prp and skin nutrition injection

  • رقم العنصر.:

  • شهادة:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • الوزن:

  • البعد:

  • الشاشة:

    4.3 Inch, Touch Screen
  • الجهد:

    DC12V or DC24V,50~60Hz
  • طريقة العمل:

    Intermittent, Continuous
  • وظيفة:

    Moisturizing, Skin Rejuvenation, face lifting, shrinking pores etc
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What is water mesotherapy gun

moisturizing water is to directly inject nutrients into the skin! Hyaluronic acid, which has high moisture retention for a long time, is directly injected into the skin to continuously inject moisture into the skin to form a hydrating film. so as to achieve a way to hydrate, whiten, moisturize the skin, and promote skin regeneration! it is the secret of celebrities to keep moisturized skin!

water mesotherapy gun Unique Wireless Padel
principles of treatment
korean mesotherapy products Principles of Treatment


The water-light injection instrumentis an instrument for water-light injection. it uses negative pressure to inhale the skin, and the motor pushes the needle into the skin to a set depth, and then quantitatively injects the water-light injection (hyaluronic acid, placenta, PRP, PPC, etc.) , after the injection, the needle is automatically returned, and the water-light injection instrument can inject the water-light injection into the mesodermal skin layer as much as possible, which improves the utilization rate of the injection and reduces waste.

treatment range
people who look old due to dry skin;
people who have a bad complexion and are not energetic without makeup;
people with dry skin who are not easy to apply makeup;
people whose skin is extremely dehydrated;
people who have aging skin or want to prevent aging;
people whose skin is damaged by light.

best mesotherapy gun Principles of Treatment
working parameters

needle type

31G, spin Multi needle type

needle penetration control

0.5mm interval 0.2mm

type of syringe

1cc 2cc,3cc 5cc

operation mode

Intermittent, continuous

voltage frequency

DC12V or DC24V,50~60Hz


w x d x h mm injector 310x52x172



panel gun lcd

1.4 inch

body _CD

4.3 Inch, touch screen



treatment handle introduction
Korea technology water mesotherapy gun
  • ①.Lower adjusting button.
  • ②.Start/Stop Button.
  • ③.Upper adjusting button.
  • ④.Display.
  • ⑤.Puser.
  • ⑥.Fixed clamp.
  • ⑦.Fixator.
  • ⑧.Pusher.
  • ⑨.Trigger Key.
treatment of ODI water mesotherapy gun

perfect vacuum technique lifting facial level to avoid nerve and blood vessel hurt, release pressure after injection to avoid dose waste

skin whitening and moisturizing

vacuum injection to smooth and bright skin

face lifting and rough pores

skin dark heavy and sebum secretion pimples

skin rejuvenation and fine wrinkle

before & after

prp mesotherapy gun


capable of setting needle penetration depth and drug dosage by touch panel
5-Pin multi-needle system for efficient delivery of drug
capable of injecting drugs at constant depth into the skin tissue using vacuum system
capable of injected drugs with high viscosity
perfect vacuum technique avoid dosage waste
dose access to fascia layer effect stay long
oled screen setting ensure intelligent operation
one time finish whitening, wrinkle remove and moisturing treatment
safe without side effect
compact & portable

real shots of water mesotherapy gun
korean mesotherapy products water mesotherapy gun 1
Korea technology water mesotherapy gun
Korea technology water mesotherapy gun
Korea technology water mesotherapy gun
instrument parts display
water mesotherapy gun Power adapter & power cord

power adapter & power cord

korean mesotherapy products Filter cotton ball

filter cotton ball

best mesotherapy gun handle


postoperative care
after the operation, please keep the surgical site clean, do not over massage and knead, and avoid high temperature and humid environment, and do not expose to the sun for a long time.
in order to achieve a good treatment effect, the doctor may perform advanced repair procedures (such as facial mask, beauty care, cleaning, etc.) on the treated area after the operation as necessary. please consult the medical staff for the details of the follow-up treatment.
immediately apply ice to the treated area after the operation to relieve slight redness and swelling.
do not use ointments, skin care products or cosmetics to wipe the treatment area after the operation, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection.
The treatment area should be gently cleansed within two days after treatment, avoiding vigorous rubbing.
If you have a variety of severe allergic symptoms, or pimples, acne or wounds at the treatment site, please discuss with your doctor whether to postpone the treatment to avoid local opportunistic infections caused by minimal trauma to the surgical site.
If you have undergone facial plastic surgery or laser surgery, or implanted any medical objects in the past six months, please inform the attending doctor in advance. such as rhinoplasty, photoelectric wave laser, etc.
local anesthetics may be used during water gun treatment. If you have a record of allergies to anesthetics, please inform your doctor before surgery.
please inform the doctor of all medicines you are taking before treatment. certain blood thinning drugs (anticoagulants) such as aspirin, ginseng, ginkgo, garlic extract and other drugs may cause more bruises or bleeding at the injection site, so you should let your doctor know your medical records for the past six months before treatment .

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